Why Business Mentoring?

- What's in it for you.


Make a real difference to people's lives

As a business mentor you are provided with a real opportunity to positively impact other people’s lives. You can deliver your own unique knowledge and experience to other businesses and help them to avoid any mistakes you may have made in the past.

It may sound cliché but you can make real changes and improvements to an individual’s lifestyle which they may not have achieved without your help.


Opportunity for you to learn new things and reinforce what you already know.

You may find that becoming by a business mentor for have the opportunity to develop new knowledge, whether this is from the sector you’re working in which could be different to that of your past. You may find that the individuals you are mentoring can ask you new questions and ideas which may challenge what you already know, this may pry you to go on and research further in order to bring your knowledge up to par with your mentee.

Through business mentoring you may also find that your knowledge is being reinforced into the back of your mind, you may also find that you know a great deal more than originally expected because it has become second nature to yourself. 


Benefit your Career

You can add business mentoring to your CV which looks very attractive to any potential future employers that you meet. This is because mentoring is regarded as a selfless act and in doing so can demonstrate a wide variety of skills these may include: communication, organisation, management, and the ability to provide constructive feedback to others.

Becoming a mentor can also provide you with something unique, how many of your competitors can say that they successfully helped an aspiring entrepreneur start up their own business?


Help develop your own network further

In all your experience you’re likely to have developed a wealth of contacts within your network. However this doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to expand your network further, possibly broadcasting out into new sectors you may not have previously worked within.



An important aspect of mentoring is the experience to observe how those of a younger age may act and perceive the idea of starting a business in this day and age. You may even find that you’re developing skills suitable of a leader, if you already have these skills then you can develop them even further.                                                 


Pleasure in knowing you did something worthwhile and invaluable.

Many people will look back on what they have accomplished at some point in their life. Mentoring will help you to realise that you helped to create and develop something, given an individual opportunities they may not have had before. Many successful people wish that they had a job with more meaning, mentoring can help compensate for that gap you may be feeling in your job.